Your first appointment

In your first consultation, which we offer for both you and your partner, you will have all the time to get to know us and you are invited to ask any questions.

Our fertility specialists will complete a review of your medical history. For that purpose it will help, if you bring any medical records with you.

If you wish, we offer you subsequently to this consultation a first ultrasound scan of the ovaries and the uterus. We also provide you with the potentiality of drawing a blood sample to check your hormonal status.

An appointment for semen analysis will be made with your male partner. .

After all the results are available, our doctors will recommend the most appropriate subsequent tests for you and provide you with your individual treatment plan. Then we again will have time to answer all your questions.

It is very important to us, that you talk to us about your concerns and also your individual wishes, as a trusting basis is the best fundament for a successful treatment.